Life is forever changing . . . so must we!



Texas Licensed Cosmetologist  

Hair & Make-up Artist

Skin Therapist

Author & Speaker / Daily Make-up with the Master 

Nationally Accredited Personal Color/Image Stylist & Commercial Color Specialist.

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Health & Beauty Products-Wholesale & Retail


Whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual or financial, our lives are always changing. Helping you is what I love to do. Are you allowing others decisions to determine who you are, your personal style and what you do? We are all creating our future today in every area of our life, by the choices we make each moment. Unfortunately we are not always prepared inside or out to make the best decisions that will truly enhance our lives.

There are many uncertainties in life, but one thing I know for sure is that we are constantly in the state of change. We have the freedom to choose to let the rest of our years be the best of our years. Will you join me in this journey and allow me to help you make some positive changes in your life.




Cont . . . . 


I Grew up in Dallas Texas. Happily married to my best friend & biggest encourager a girl could ask for. We have two amazing adult married children. They are in pursuit to living out their passions , making this world a better place.

My heart's passion has always been in the beauty industry. Over time, due to my own families health issues, my passions grew into incorporating optimal health. I love to enlighten others in the latest health discoveries to be their best ever. 

Educating others is what I love to do. I love to watch the lightbulb come on when others "get it". Life is such a journey, and I love to walk along side those who have the time and desire to learn, change & lead others. My biggest personal challenge is to not get lost in the details of it all and spend too much time with those who do not welcome change, because I truly love to help people. I strive daily to move forward one step at a time. Somedays it seems like only a half of a step, but "hey", I will celebrate any move forward. "Yay!"

My hope for you is that you never stop learning to always find yourself in a state of growth. Know your purpose in whose you are and have passion in what you do. Nothing is ever a waste of time when there is a vision much bigger than yourself. I look forward to our journey together as we "make-up" our minds daily to end up much better & healthier than where we started. 


My passion is to connect, inspire and bring hope to those of who are ready for change.